Your Wine has Roots. Discover them!

Every human on Earth has a story, where we grew up, who were our parents, who were our neighbors, where we travelled and where we end up. Those stories make us who we are and when it comes time to share those stories, many of us grab a bottle of wine.

Like humans, the bottle of wine on your rack has had similar life experiences. It started out on a piece of land that may have spawned thousands of bottles before it, or it could be the first of a long line of bottles to come. It had parents to help it develop its unique tastes, and could have brother-bottles or step-brother-bottles you may or may not know about. It could come from a long line of success, or be the first of its kind to get out into the world and explore.

Dorks & Corks is about mapping those family roots, displaying the rich history each wine possesses, from the land to the hands to the stands.

Enjoy discovering your bottle's roots with us!

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