The Lodi Appellation Berghold Vineyards is located in the heart of the Lodi Appellation – a federally designated American Viticulture Area (AVA) recognized for the distinctive quality of its wines. The combined elements of weather, soil and history work to create the ideal environment for growing the finest winegrapes and crafting world class wines. Formed millions of years ago through geological events and alluvial waters, Lodi has been a major winegrape growing region since the 1850’s. The Mokelumne and Cosumnes Rivers which both originate in the Sierra Nevada, feed Lodi and were instrumental in bringing soils rich in minerals to the area. With generations of family owned vineyards now comprising more than 80,000 acres of premium winegrapes and more than 50 wineries, the Lodi Appellation is quickly becoming recognized as one of California’s most exciting new appellations.
Lodi Winegrape Commission
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