Mount Baker Vineyards & Winery

Mount Baker Vineyards & Winery

About the Winery

Mount Baker Vineyards & Winery starts with the best fruit from carefully maintained vineyards on our own Estate or in the Yakima Valley. There is no bulk-shipped, truck-dropped product in any Mount Baker Vineyards wine. Grapes are contracted by row or area at the growers’ vineyards. At just the right moment, harvest begins. We use our own trucks and equipment to haul our harvested fruit back to the winery. Here, it is carefully handled in whole clusters and small lots to create hand-made, authentic wines to fit every budget. We produce up to 12,000 cases annually. At this level of production, we can compete for the best grapes, afford the interesting variety of tastes and flavors we demand, and assure quality at all the levels of wine we produce. From the elegance of Proprietor’s Reserve and Limited Releases to the casual styles of fruit wines and picnic reds, our emphasis is always on quality, consistency and value.

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4298 Mount Baker Hwy.
Everson, WA 98247
United States
(360) 592-2300

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